Best Creative – Blog #9

This is my best creative blog (in my opinion). This is because, I believe, it flows and portrays my point better than any of my other creative blogs. This poem highlights my portrayal of what we could do to develop our relationship with the indigenous. Through the insights of multiple resources of Australian Literature and art, especially the influence of Youth Yindi’s “Treaty”, up till this point, I have tried to creatively express my creativity and my human experience to come to a resolution between the English and Aboriginal people.


Write a poem or piece of creative prose that expresses your sense of how we should ‘grow’ our relationship to indigenous Australians?

(This question came from  Michael Griffith’s Blog:

I believe, the ‘growing’ of English and Aboriginal nations is a must to create peace and prosperity among the people of Australia and its land. Both parties must recognize the differences of others and be willing to negotiate between parties to come to an equal alliance. This peace is an important factor in being able to maintain the safety of all people and highlight the stewardship for Australia.

They welcomed us.

By: Emily Dick

They welcomed us,

so why shouldn’t we?

Just let them be!

Make no fuss!

What was theirs,

Shall still be theirs.

What the native wears,

and the Ayers.

Lets live together,

without all the pain.

Forget the useless vain.

Return the treasure.

This lovely land,

so sacred, so alive,

together we must strive.

Together we stand.

We must accept,

but so shall you.

Our red, white, blue,

stand tall except, –

yours must too.

They welcomed us!

So make no fuss!


“Aboriginals offer a group of English visitors a ride in their boat, circa 1870. Not all relations between the two groups were this friendly.”

The above picture and quote was sourced from:


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