Blog #2

Question: Write a paragraph that shows what you understand to be the meaning of this quote from Patrick White.

“Life is full of alternatives but no choice.”

When I hear these words, I believe he is touching base on fate. Fate is defined as the development of events outside a persons control; meaning, they are on a path in life that they cannot control no matter whether they think they are controlling it or not.

Life may give you many options of what you can do or achieve however, sometimes this is a charade. For example, ever since we were little kids, we were brought up to have big dreams of becoming astronauts or becoming famous or even some kids had more achievable dreams of becoming things like a vet or a doctor. Ever since these dreams, they always have been just dreams. We may think we want to become something but, sometimes it just doesn’t fit. Doesn’t fit with our changing personalities, wants, needs and responsibilities. Life can say “Sure! Go be an astronaut! The world can’t stop you!” However, when reality kicks in, sometimes, that’s just not achievable.

Fate can be the result of what life has thrown at you over the years. It’s like a fragile inter-connected web which can be broken through and needs repair, it can be a mode of catching prey or what you want; it is a home and a workplace.

Life is complicated and everyone is just trying to make sense of what they can.

I believe you can take this sentence in many ways. You can connect it to a sense of faith in something bigger than yourself, to lead you to where you are supposed to be, or you can take it as fate and is the result of everything life has thrown at you. You can also take it in many other ways but, it is ultimately up to the individual person to believe whether they think they are controlling it or not.



2 thoughts on “Blog #2

  1. Prarthana Karmacharya says:

    Hi Emily,

    Love this blog on Patrick White’s quote “Life is full of alternatives but no choices”. This blog and the quote sent chills down my spine, just the stark reality of all these options and alternatives but is limited and not having a choice is so profound; especially because we are raised in a ‘the world is your oyster’ environment. But in reality, it’s not as easy as that. There are so much you can do, but you’re always limited by your circumstances and individual situation. There is always a potential for so much but you’ll never be able to exhaust that potential.

    In terms of grammar, the blog is pretty good, except for the paragraph that starts with Fate. There are a few errors there. “is a results” and “an fragile”. If you have a read through you should be able to detect it.

    Overall, great work on the blog. Looking forward to reading more of your work.



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